Steven A. Bush - September 10, 2023

The Recounting of Numbers

The Recounting of Numbers

In Numbers 33, Moses recounts all the places the Israelites have camped the last 40 years since exiting Egypt. While some of the locations are listed nowhere else in Scripture, other campsites are connected to the memorable events that took place there, both good and bad. Besides these especially noteworthy occurrences, we might wonder what "normal" looked like as there were no doubt lots of ordinary days between the extraordinary. But we can guess: They ate manna and drank water that Yahweh provided. They fed and tended their livestock. They mended their tents. They made babies as proven by the second census. They worshiped at the Tabernacle where sacrifices were made for their sins. They followed the Pillar of Cloud by day and slept securely at night, bathed in the glow of the Pillar of Fire. And they kept on moving. Though it was a slow train coming, they eventually entered the Promised Land. With His blood, Christ Jesus has purchased our passage into a Better Promised Land. It may seem like a long slog getting there and the day-to-day, ends-and-outs of this life may require us to remind our hearts as to what's to come. Scripture does that best. The preaching of the Word, also. Likewise, singing the truths of God's Word. Fellowshipping around all our Lord's instructions and promises does the same. So we gather up the Manna, drink from the Wellspring of Life, and let them nourish and refresh our souls. And we keep on moving...

Scripture References: Numbers 33:1-56, Jeremiah 29:11, Psalms 71:18, 1 Timothy 4:12

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