Steven A. Bush - July 21, 2013

Consecration At Gilgal

Consecration At Gilgal

With Israel having just crossed the Jordan River on dry ground, God's people set their sights on taking possession of the Promised  Land.  Their enemies are melting in fear.  They set up their base camp at Gilgal, just two miles from Jericho which would be the site of their first battle.  But before they engage in their mission, God wants them to consecrate their hearts.  Circumcision is re-instituted, the original sign of Covenant which God made with Abraham.  Passover is also celebrated, only for the third time, and it is a corporate commemoration of God's deliverance from Egypt by the blood of the lamb.  Joshua will encounter the pre-incarnate Lord Himself and will ready himself for battle laying prostrate before the One sovereignly in charge of all that lies ahead.  We will discover that circumcision corresponds with baptism and Passover with the Last Supper (Communion).  Everything is ultimately pointing to the Cross where Jesus will make the propitiatory sacrifice for our sins.  We, therefore, will consecrate our hearts before Jesus Christ our Lord.  And with joy and gratitude, we too will take on all He has in store for us to accomplish--doing all things for the glory of His name.

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