Steven A. Bush - July 7, 2013

Jesus and His Church are Inseparable

Jesus and His Church are Inseparable

The Scriptures refer to the Church with several metaphors; three of those include the Body of Christ, the Family of God, and the Bride of Christ.  Many look upon the church negatively, suggesting as a body, it's sickly; as a family, it's dysfunctional; and as a Bride, it's mean and ugly.  Perhaps some of that is deserved.  But how does Jesus view His church?  And dare we view it differently than He does?  Many hold their own families in high regard while holding the family of God in low regard.  This then begs another question: Does God view your family personally with a higher regard than He does His own family?  With respect to His Church, are our priorities the same as His?  Perhaps it's time for us to increasingly view, and regard, and respect, and value, and relate to God's Family from His perspective rather than from our own.  May the Lord grant us His very heart for the Church--His Body, His Family, and His beautiful Bride.

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