Steven A. Bush - February 17, 2013

Sanctimonious Swell Heads vs Breast Beaters

Sanctimonious Swell Heads vs Breast Beaters

In another parable of contrasts, told by Jesus on the Calvary road to Jerusalem, we see two men famously juxtaposed. A Pharisee and a Tax Collector; one from the most religious sect of Jewish life and the other from among the most despised. The fact that Jesus reached out to tax collectors is amazing in and of itself. Men like Matthew (Levi) and Zacchaeus are eternally indebted to Jesus for doing so. In the body of Luke's text, two men come to the temple to pray. One came thinking he was righteous, left thinking he was righteous, but he wasn't righteous. One came a miserable sinner, in abject humility, poor in spirit, but he left justified--having been granted the Righteous One's very own righteousness. And that's what we want too.

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