Steven A. Bush - January 13, 2013

Living Like There's No Tomorrow

Living Like There's No Tomorrow

Over the past 2000 years there have been numerous predictions on when the end of the world as we know it would arrive.  Some of these have come from the mouths and pens of credible church leaders while others have been uttered by incredulous doomsday prognosticators; all have been proven to be wrong.  And then we have our New Testament Biblical authors, Peter, Paul, John, James, and the author of Hebrews who all state clearly that the end is near.  Were they too in error?  Deceived?  Of course not.  This message won't quell end time predictions but perhaps it will bring new clarity with respect to the end times in which we live.  What it hopefully will do is encourage us how to live in the interim--loving, serving, proclaiming, and glorifying our Lord and returning Savior, Jesus Christ.

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