Steven A. Bush - May 19, 2013

I Put My Hand Over My Mouth

I Put My Hand Over My Mouth

Job is undoubtedly the Bible's poster child for suffering.  The entire book of Job is a gold mine of mystery, theology (theodicy) God's sovereignty, Satan's activity, and the story of one man's terrible suffering.  Job loses everything in a day--his children, most of his servants, his sheep, camels, and crops.  His second round of afflictions include painful boils from head to toe.  His wife tells him to 'curse God and die' while his friends' show up to offer their own heavy doses of blame, discouragement, and bad orthodoxy.  Job finally offers his complaint to God and God's answer comes fast and hard, penetrating deep and wide. No 'Footprints in the Sand' sentiments for Job!  As we peer at Job's plight with spiritual 3D glasses, with fear and trembling at God's severity, we must also remember our Lord's mercy, love, and grace. God subjected His sinless Son to suffer on a cross that our eternities could be without suffering.  As God's people we will suffer and others we know will suffer--it is inevitable here. While we very well may find ourselves wearing Job's shoes (perhaps even his boils) we most certainly will find ourselves wearing the shoes of Job's friends.  Hopefully we can learn from their errant ways when placed in similar circumstances and instead be vessels of compassion, love, and sweet consolation.  The Gospel is never so clear than when proclaimed through listening ears and tear-stained shoulders.

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