Steven A. Bush - July 14, 2013




What an awesome and exciting day it must have been when Israel finally got to cross the Jordan River into the Promised Land.  Though ten of the twelve spies derailed their chances forty years earlier, Joshua now was ready to courageously lead them across.  What a great day it must have been for him and his elderly companion, Caleb!  God ordered the priests carrying the Ark of the Covenant to move out first and when their feet touched the water, the Jordan quit flowing.  Once again Israel would cross on dry ground and this would remind Israel of God's faithfulness in their past and capture their trust for all the obstacles and battles that were lying ahead.  One man from each of the twelve tribes was selected to choose a stone from the dry river bed which would serve as a memorial of this amazing day.  The Scriptures tell of many stories regarding stones, some famous, others infamous.  But the greatest stone of all times was the Stone which the builders rejected, and He, Jesus Christ, has become the Chief Cornerstone.  And we, as living stones, are being built upon this very Rock, into the growing house of God, the beautiful Temple in which He dwells.

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