Steven A. Bush - April 13, 2014

Palm Sunday-Up Close and Personal

Palm Sunday-Up Close and Personal

All four gospels give accounts of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem, what we now celebrate as Palm Sunday.  When it came to all the parties involved in this event, the only one who knew what was truly happening and about to take place was Jesus.  The Passover crowd waved palm branches hoping their Messiah would overthrow the Roman occupiers.  The Jewish leaders feared Rome's retribution and in no way believed Jesus was the Messiah--they in fact plotted to kill Him.  The disciples and followers of Jesus were caught up in the pandemonium and the only thing troubling them was that Jesus kept predicting His death.  What is probable is that many in Sunday's branch-waving throng would be among those crying, 'Crucify Him!' on Friday.  Perhaps the best way for us to glean from the Biblical account is to humbly insert ourselves, as best we can, into the characters that participated and to prayerfully listen for the Lord's still small, yet powerful, voice.  And hopefully God will illuminate His Word and we hear His beautiful heart expressed, something far more than just thunder, something that will change our lives forever.

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