Mark B. Thogmartin - August 29, 2021

God’s Omni-Love for Me

God’s Omni-Love for Me

Our God is an awesome God! He demonstrated His wisdom and might when He created the world and all it contains, including us humans. The Triune God is indescribable, but still we try…so that we can better worship Him. Theologians have striven to make the incomprehensible more understandable by identifying things that are true about God and then classifying them into attributes. Three of these attributes are omniscience – God knows everything, omnipresence – He is everywhere at all times, and omnipotence – God is infinitely powerful, and there is nothing He can’t do if He determines to do it. David, the shepherd king, had a lot of time in his shepherding days to ponder the attributes of the Almighty. In this sermon, we will consider one of David’s most loved Psalms to see how David personalizes God’s omni-love for him. We can worship right along with David as we exclaim “Wonderful are Your works; my soul knows it very well!” (Psalm 139:14)

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