Steven A. Bush - July 9, 2023

A Groundbreaking Judgment

A Groundbreaking Judgment

As if being banned from entry into the Promised Land and sentenced to 40 years of wilderness wandering were not enough, a Levite named Korah decides he'd be a better leader than Moses and Aaron. Joined by guys named Dathan, Abiram, and On, not to mention 250 notable chieftains, Moses is confronted. God is unhappy and He's ready to wipe out the mutineers but Moses intercedes. This isn't the first time. But Moses challenges these would-be usurpers to bring their worship censers filled with hot coals and incense to the entrance of the tabernacle so God can judge who stays and who goes. Instructed to move away from the tents of the challengers, the people obey and then the earth opens up and swallows the rebels and their families whole. The men with the censers are consumed by fire. Observers run screaming in panic fearing they're next. But as sad as this infamous event is, somehow Korah's sons are spared. Seven generations later a prophet name Samuel will emerge from his lineage. The first two kings of Israel, Saul and David, are anointed by Samuel. Some of the Sons of Korah are named among David's fierce warriors as well as musicians and worship leaders. These Korahites author about a dozen of the Psalms. God seems to have a redemptive plan no matter how wayward His people are or dark the times. Otherwise where would we be? We certainly should never doubt God's severity! Nor should we doubt His mercy and love as we all have been the recipients of His amazing grace, time and time again...

Scripture References: Numbers 16:1-40, John 14:15, Hebrews 9:13-15

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