Steven A. Bush - July 11, 2021

Two Lost Sons: One Found, One Still Missing

Two Lost Sons: One Found, One Still Missing

Jesus tells the three-part Parable of the Lost Sheep, Lost Coin, and Lost Son(s) to contrast the self-righteous religious leaders with the sinners of every stripe seeking Jesus for freedom and salvation from their sins. One group thought it could be earned by deeds; the other out of desperation understood it was far beyond their capability to achieve. Focusing on what most refer to asĀ The Prodigal Son, we quickly learn that there are two sons in need of redemption. Obviously fleeing to a far away land isn't necessary to prove you're an arrogant rebel. The waywardness of the older son happened within his own mind and heart. His squandering took place right inside his own backyard. He too was dead. He too was lost. With that in mind, we explore this Parable with fresh eyes and open hearts and we'll see that Jesus not only meant it for then and there but for here and now. He even meant it for the likes of us!

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