Steven A. Bush - April 18, 2014

How A Bad Friday Became Good

How A Bad Friday Became Good

Mark's gospel, with acknowledgement to the Apostle Peter's contributions, gives us one of four superb accounts of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Mark, like the other gospel writers, holds nothing back with respect to how our Lord was tortured, mocked, spat upon, and crucified--for our sins.  Our sins!  All this happened on a Friday, much of which was drenched underneath an erie darkness, even as Jesus' blood flowed down from the cross.  As the late S.M. Lockridge said in his famous sermon. "It was only Friday, Sunday was coming."  How does the horrible spectacle of Jesus suffering on the cross become Good News?  How does a bad Friday become Good?  The Good News of Good Friday, won for us in Christ's death, is expressed powerfully by A.B. Simpson: "[The Gospel] tells rebellious men that God is reconciled, that justice is satisfied, that sin has been atoned for, that the judgment of the guilty may be revoked, the condemnation of the sinner cancelled, the curse of the Law blotted out, the gates of hell closed, the portals of heaven opened wide, the power of sin subdued, the guilty conscience healed, the broken heart comforted, the sorrow and misery of the Fall undone."

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