Steven A. Bush - October 26, 2008

“Shucking Us Down To The Cob V”

“Shucking Us Down To The Cob  V”

This message, which could have been first in the "Cob" series, is all about how we revere, value, adhere to, and seek to build everything on the foundation of the Word of God. Martin Luther gave us the Latin term, Sola Scriptura, which means “Scripture alone.” We believe the Bible is the final authority for all faith and practice for believers in the body of Christ. In this message and in our ‘Statement of Faith’ we affirm that the Word of God is: inspired (God breathed); inerrant (mistake free); infallible (unfailing and totally reliable); and completely relevant (applicable to every area of our lives). This sermon explores how Jesus was the Word, revered the Word, spoke the Word, and applied the Word. It also explores what the Bible says about the Bible.
"Shucking Us Down To The Cob" Series Introduction
In the Fall of 2008, Pastor Steve did a series of sermons titled, “Shucking Us Down To The Cob” (a.k.a. The  Cob Series).  The goal of these messages was to convey as well as re-instill what our Distinctives are as a local body of believers.  Anyone wanting to know what Millersport Covenant Church is about--what our modus operandi is, what are core beliefs are, what we believe we are called to be as well as called to do--will find those answers in The Cob Series.  These are messages meant to convey the heart of who we are as a family of  believers.

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