Steven A. Bush - September 8, 2013

God's Right, I'm Wrong

God's Right, I'm Wrong

In a sermon I heard roughly 40 years ago, our pastor delivered a line that never left me: "God's right, I'm wrong!"  Those words are powerful and they can be very liberating.  Whether it's our long held beliefs, our strong opinions, our notions of what is right,  wrong, or culturally acceptable--humbly submitting those beliefs and notions so they fall under the expressed declarations of God can lead us to true freedom, renewed minds, and great wisdom.  If we can get to a place when we are going through trials, difficult ordeals, unfortunate events in our lives that God has allowed, and in the midst of those we quiet our opinionated souls (put our hands over our mouths) and fall limp into the Sovereign yet Trustworthy hands of God, we will not only experience His love but we will eventually see that truly "God causes all things to work together for His good, to those who love Him and are called according to His purposes."

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