Steven A. Bush - June 25, 2023

I Spy Something Sad

I Spy Something Sad

Nearing their anticipated invasion of Canaan, Moses orders a spy-expedition of Israel's future home. A chief from each of the twelve tribes is chosen to make the trip and they cover roughly 500 miles in 40 days. They assess the land itself for farming, collect produce samples, and assess the strength of their enemies. But upon their return to camp, chaos breaks out among God's people. While Caleb and Joshua give a good report of their findings, the other ten spies give a very bleak assessment of what the land holds and they strongly predict Israel's utter destruction. They essentially declare, 'They are giants and we are but grasshoppers!' Further, they put forth a plan of mutiny, the overthrow of Moses, and leading the nation back to Egyptian slavery. But God, whom the ten bad reporters leave out of their errant assessment, becomes very very angry! Moses once again finds himself standing between Yahweh Elohim who is ready to wipe them out and a faithless people whose rebellion becomes a stench in God's nostrils. Amazingly, God does show forth mercy, but He also renders a devastating punishment that becomes a sad part of Israel's storied history. We definitely must learn from this disastrous event! It behooves us also to remember how Christ Jesus became an even greater mediator between God and mankind, bearing God's wrath and punishment on a bloody cross. Our Savior's merciful act of proving God perfectly just and we His children free from sin and death, likewise purchased our passage into a Greater Promised Land. What love! What amazing love! All glory to His wonderful name!

Scripture References: Numbers 13:1-33, Numbers 14:1-12, Psalms 24:1-2

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