Steven A. Bush - April 27, 2014

Sad Road Home Interrupted

Sad Road Home Interrupted

Luke shares the account of two followers of Jesus on their way home from Jerusalem after His crucifixion.  Their hometown is a place called Emmaus, just a seven mile walk.  It's the Sunday following that terrible Friday and they presume His tomb is still occupied.  They are suddenly joined on their trek by the risen Jesus but they do not recognize Him.  He asks about their somber conversation.  They tell of what took place over the course of the past few days, including the mystery of that very morning when women found His tomb empty.  How could Jesus not smile at their telling?  Jesus proceeds to take them through the Scriptures, revealing and illuminating all that was foretold of the Messiah, and their hearts burn as the truth is told.  As they reach their home that evening, Jesus begins to part company but they urge Him to stay.  It is there at the supper table when Jesus breaks the bread and gives thanks that their eyes are opened to Who He is.  And then He vanishes right there before them.  With sadness turned to joy, the two race back to Jerusalem to tell the disciples.  There, along with Jesus' disciples, they will encounter the Messiah yet again and none of them will ever be the same.  Nor will the world where Jesus sends them.

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