Steven A. Bush - January 24, 2016

Changing Our Names to Herald

Changing Our Names to Herald

Throughout the Scriptures, God is famous for changing people's names or giving them more than one. Abram to Abraham, Saul to Paul, and Simon to Peter are just a few examples. In a manner of speaking, God has also changed all our names to Herald. The Greek word for Herald is: "Kérux" (Kay'-roox) "A herald, preacher, or proclaimer." We have been called to be Heralds of Good News--declaring first and foremost that God is! To subsequently proclaim that God is the Maker and Creator of all things seen and unseen, including us; that He, despite our rebellion against Him, has made a way for us to be reconciled through His Son's death and resurrection; that through the cross, our sin became His and His righteousness became ours; that He not only declares us emancipated and forgiven but has adopted us as His very own children; that we've been chosen to dwell with Him and worship Him forever! This is the Awesome Message for Heralds to make known. May we proclaim it with whispers and shouts, with words written and spoken, with vibrant songs and quiet gestures of love, and all this with humility, thanksgiving, and great joy...

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