Steven A. Bush - January 21, 2024

Behemoth & Leviathan vs Almighty God

Behemoth & Leviathan vs Almighty God

Job is the Bible's poster child for suffering. After Satan gains God's permission, he instigates the loss of Job's children, most of his servants, his livestock & crops--all in a single day. (Somehow Job holds up.) After the devil gains more approval, he afflicts Job's body with painful boils. Now he's suffering emotional pain as well as physical pain. Then to add insult to injury, Job's friends show up and blame him for all his woes. (They pour salt in his wounds!) Even Job's wife tells her husband to '"Curse God and die!'"(She was apparently not a Proverbs 31 woman.) Job suffers in every way imaginable. He's perplexed. He's hurting terribly. So he complains to God. God then puts Job in his place. Job, Chapters 38 thru 41, comprise God's full rebuke but in 40 & 41 God uses two fierce creatures, one from land and one from the sea, to illustrate His own omnipotence as juxtaposed with Job's limited understanding and abject weakness. Job hears and repents and God blesses Job with twice what he had. So how does God's love and suffering in our world coexist? C.S. Lewis wrote: "The problem of reconciling human suffering with the existence of a God who loves, is only insoluble so long as we attach a trivial meaning to the word, love." God most visibly and mightily demonstrates His love in the midst of suffering by sending His Son, Jesus our Lord, to suffer and die for our sins. Romans 5:8 puts it like this: "But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." (NIV) As Job would say, so say we: "Blessed be the name of the Lord!"

Scripture References: Job 40:1-24, Job 41:1-34, Job 42:1-6, John 3:16-17, Romans 5:8, Ephesians 2:4-5, John 4:9-10

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