Recent Sermons

December 27, 2020

“Giving Pause”

"Giving Pause"

We are called to lend our shoulders for others to cry upon, to be vessels and voices of comfort and consolation. Romans 12:15 says: “Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.”

March 24, 2019

“Father of Mercies and God of All Comfort”

"Father of Mercies and God of All Comfort"

The Scriptures teach us much about comforting those who are hurting. May we be vessels and voices of our Father’s mercy, comfort, and love to those sorely afflicted, suffering loss, or deeply pained within.

May 26, 2013

“Like Father, Like Son, Like Daughter”

"Like Father, Like Son, Like Daughter"

As God’s children prepare to cross the Jordan River and take possession of the Promised Land, Moses preaches to the people. The summary of Moses’ sermon with respect to our relationship with God would be: Fear Him; Live to please Him; Love Him; Serve Him; and Obey Him… But Moses goes further…

May 19, 2013

“I Put My Hand Over My Mouth”

"I Put My Hand Over My Mouth"

Job is undoubtedly the Bible’s poster child for suffering. The entire book of Job is a gold mine of mystery, theology (theodicy) God’s sovereignty, Satan’s activity, and the story of one man’s terrible suffering.