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May 2, 2021

“Our Sacred Ordinances”

"Our Sacred Ordinances"

The waters of Baptism and the Bread & Cup point to, illuminate, even dramatize the powerful and beautiful and incredible and joyfully unspeakable redemption purchased for us by Almighty God through Jesus Christ our Lord!

July 1, 2018

“Walking in the Truth, The Sequel”

"Walking in the Truth, The Sequel"

The prize of the Gospel is God Himself in Christ Jesus our Lord! To walk in this Truth with a spring in our step is to know Him, love Him, and serve Him in joyful obedience, grace-instilled humility, and heartfelt thanksgiving and praise.

March 25, 2016

“Thieves in the Darkness”

"Thieves in the Darkness"

When Jesus was crucified, it was between two thieves. The question is, which one of these two thieves represents you–the one who dies mocking and rejecting Jesus or the one who initially mocked but then found eternal hope in Jesus dying next to him on the cross? Nothing matters more…

January 3, 2016

“The Great Commission and Communion “

"The Great Commission and Communion "

Jesus was the ultimate Missionary, leaving the glorious bliss of heaven to secure eternal rescue for the likes of us. He accomplished this through His shed blood on the cross. And then before His ascension He gave us the Great Commission to preach the Gospel worldwide and make disciples from every nation.

November 2, 2014

“Abide in Jesus, Love One Another”

"Abide in Jesus, Love One Another"

At the Last Supper, just hours before the cross, Jesus talks to His disciples about glorifying the Father, abiding in the Son (The True Vine), bearing fruit that lasts, and abiding in His love. Ten times in this exchange He uses the word, ‘abide.’

October 5, 2014

“Getting Drunk at Communion”

"Getting Drunk at Communion"

The church in Corinth had numerous problems, including, doctrinal error, sharp divisions, snobbish elitism, spiritual pride, gross immorality, lawsuits against one another, and even getting drunk at their Communion love feasts.

May 4, 2014

“Grief Turned To Joy”

"Grief Turned To Joy"

While Joy is the result of having a Messiah King that’s alive, grief, sorrow, and sadness are what you’re left with when your messiah’s tomb is occupied. Genuine faith in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ will produce hope-filled joy that exceeds all worldly woes. And that Joy will never end…

February 2, 2014

“Light of the World”

"Light of the World"

The Scriptures say that Jesus is the Light that has come into the world, the Light of Life. Jesus told the religious leaders in the Gospel of John, chapter 8, that He was the Light of the world.

November 3, 2013

“Remember Those In Chains”

"Remember Those In Chains"

While the church in America suffers little, the church in numerous nations is suffering horribly, facing harassment, confiscation of property, imprisonment, torture, and even execution. For them, fiery ordeals represent the normal Christian life.

July 21, 2013

“Consecration At Gilgal”

"Consecration At Gilgal"

With Israel having just crossed the Jordan River on dry ground, God’s people set their sights on taking possession of the Promised Land. Their enemies are melting in fear. But before they engage in their mission, God wants them to consecrate their hearts.

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