“When Jesus Says, ‘Follow Me!'”

April 19, 2020

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Jesus’ disciples were a ragtag bunch. They certainly weren’t Pharisees or learned OT scholars. They were ordinary Jewish men with varied backgrounds whom Jesus chose to turn the world upside down (or right side up) and they responded. At the beginning of His ministry, many of those Jesus called to Himself, He simply said, “Follow Me.” They left their nets, tax collection booths, and respective professions and they followed. As high as their expectations initially were as to how this venture would turn out, those expectations were still way too low. They came to believe Jesus was the Messiah but only figured on the overthrow of the Romans and a return to Israel’s glory days. Despite the OT Scriptures and Jesus’ own words, they never anticipated the Chosen One dying on a cross, let alone rising from the dead. In their wildest dreams they never imagined the conquering of sin and death and Satan himself. But even after His resurrection, Jesus had to pull these brethren back to Himself and reiterate His calling, “Follow Me.” And follow Him they did. There is no greater love in all the universe than when Jesus says to you, “Follow Me.” If you quiet your spirit and listen closely, you may just hear Jesus speak those same magnificent words to you…

Bible References

  • Luke 5:1 - 11
  • John 21:1 - 19