Praying For Our Pastors

June 8, 2014


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Friend of Covenant Church, Lee Crader, came to share a word of encouragement with us, and to play a few songs to lift our spirits. Lee is the worship leader at Southshore Ministries in Thornville. His topic was a timely reminder that our pastors need for us to pray for them on a regular basis. We can pray for our pastor in 5 main areas:

  1. Pray for their preaching and teaching
  2. Pray for them and their family personally and relationally
  3. Pray for protection- for their public reputations, from harm, and from the wiles of the devil
  4. Pray for their physical and mental health, and that they can minister with wisdom
  5. Pray for their endurance, that they will not become discouraged so they can encourage others

Each person in attendance was encouraged to sign a pledge that read as follows:

“I will pray for my pastor every day. I understand that the pastor’s work is never ending. His days are filled with numerous demands that bring emotional highs and lows. He must deal with critics. He must be a good husband and father. Because my pastor cannot do all things in his own power, I will pray for strength and wisdom daily.”

Bible References

  • 1 Timothy 3:1 - 7
  • James 2:15 - 16