“God Is With Us Through Our Trials”

August 20, 2017

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Gerald Brannon was our special guest speaker today.  Gerry has been battling a rare form of stomach cancer known as liposarcoma for several years.  Treatments have involved surgeries, trials that included chemo, radiation, and immune therapy, and there have been dietary restrictions mixed in throughout the ordeal.  A few weeks ago they sent Gerry home from The James at OSU with a referral for Hospice Care to begin.  He had an inoperable bowel constriction and they suggested he may only have a few days to live.  Gerry went home and Hospice began coming in to render care.  But then there was “movement!”  Yes-that kind of movement!  And with this came a reprieve.  Gerry graciously thanked the Hospice folks as they packed up to leave.  Meanwhile the immune therapy has resumed at The James.  Gerry is pressing on with a victorious spirit and a testimony of God’s steadfast love and faithfulness. He shared his testimony that Gods does not promise to keep us from trials…He promises to be with us through our trials.