“Ghosts Don’t Eat Fish”

April 3, 2016

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Jesus was very active on Resurrection Sunday. He made numerous appearances that day and in the days that followed. His journey incognito on the road to Emmaus is a classic. While the heart-flags of those two mourners were flying at half mast, Jesus shows up and leads them through the Scriptures–straight to the cross and empty tomb. When He breaks bread and vanishes, they beat a path back to Jerusalem to tell the disciples. But those brothers already know, they’ve seen Him too, He is risen indeed! Then Jesus appears right then and there in His new body, complete with wounds that will forever proclaim His love and sacrifice. Some of them thought He must be a ghost. But then He munches down a piece of fish. Think about it: Jesus has a resurrection body that can appear and disappear and also eat fish. Amazing! If you’re wondering what our post-resurrection bodies will be like, look no further than Jesus. If you’re wondering where true hope lies, where lasting peace can be found, where forgiveness has been granted, where eternal life is bestowed, you’ll find it in the very same place.

Bible References

  • Luke 24:13 - 49
  • 2 Corinthians 4:6