“Conversion to Christ”

July 15, 2018

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When we consider the Biblical accounts of those converted to Christ, they’re all unique. With respect to the more renowned figures in Christendom the past two millennia, the same holds true. And it holds true for all those we know personally whom God has apprehended. Every coming to Christ story is different. Some come to Christ with both heels dragging. Some come gradually and thoughtfully. Some start out as doubters and detractors but end up being convinced otherwise. Some come because of a great trial or tragedy, a season of loss, a terrible failure, or while in the depths of hopelessness. Others come after enormous successes that have proven unfulfilling. Some come to believe as children, others as elderly adults, others on their deathbeds. Some bow their knees at church altars while others bow their knees in the woods, on a beach, or beside their beds. They come to Him a thousand different ways. But they all come as dead ones, born to life anew in Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. What is vitally important is that you come–come with all your heart–come to Him who loves you most!

Bible References

  • Acts 8:26 - 40
  • Acts 16:11 - 34
  • Luke 23:39 - 43