“Common Grace Is Anything But Common”

September 29, 2019

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In his goodness, God gives gifts to mankind. We do not deserve his kindness, but he lavishes it on us anyway. This is called “grace,” and all of it is amazing. But, theologically, God’s grace can be categorized as either special grace or common grace. Special grace is saving grace; it’s God’s grace that calls sinners to himself and saves them, even when they were dead in their trespasses. Common grace is God’s kindness expressed to all humanity. What is this “common grace,” and why is it important?

Bible References

  • Matthew 5:43 - 45
  • Psalm 36:5 - 12
  • Psalm 145:5 - 20
  • Romans 2:14 - 15
  • Romans 1:20 - 20