“Come and Have Breakfast”

April 8, 2018

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John chapter 21 tells the story of Jesus meeting up with His disciples on the shores of their favorite lake. It follows a night where these former fishermen worked all night but caught nothing. Then just as the sun was about to rise, a stranger on the beach shouts to them to cast their nets on the opposite side of the boat. They comply. The catch is enormous and they realize the Stranger is Jesus. As they drag their haul to shore, Jesus already has fish grilling and fresh bread to serve. So when did this event happen? Shortly after Jesus’ resurrection but before His ascension. A similar miraculous catch took place early on when Jesus was calling these brothers to leave their nets and become fishers of men. We dare not lose the extraordinary in the midst the ordinary: God the Son from eternity past, the Spinner of stars, Creator of all things seen and unseen, became a Man. He lived a perfect life; healed and delivered multitudes of afflicted souls; took our sins upon Himself and died on the cross; He rose from the dead–freeing us from sin and death while granting us eternal life. And how does Jesus choose to engage His disciples before slipping away to occupy His throne? By cooking breakfast for them!  A scholarly theologian might posit how this is God’s transcendence co-mingling with His immanence. The rest of us might just say, “Wow! Amazing! All glory to God!”

Bible References

  • John 21:1 - 5